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WordPress has over 54,000 plugins available, with a total of 1.5 billion downloads between them. Plugins extend the functionality of WordPress, and can integrate into other service providers, such as QuickBooks, Stripe, PayPal, and any other API service available.

At SS88, we code to the WordPress standards every time, and that’s what makes us the best. We can extend your current plugin, create an idea from scratch, or develop a plugin which works with a plugin you already have (such as a pickup time slot system for WooCommerce).

WordPress powers over 455,000,000 websites; that’s 37% of all websites online today.

WooCommerce, WordPress’s most popular eCommerce plugin, has a 25% market share and generates 7% of all online sales.

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Partner with the best WordPress plugin developers

SS88 (pronounced Double S, Double 8) are the technical backbone of several clients, and we believe in forming an ongoing partnership with each and every one of our customers.

Custom plugin development

Develop your idea into a WordPress plugin based on your business requirements.

Upgrading old plugins

Worried your out-of-date plugins might be a security risk? We can upgrade them to the latest versions without breaking your website.

Plugin customization

Do you have a wonderful plugin already, but you want more features adding? We’ve got you covered.

Theme based plugin development

Designing the plugin that actually meets your requirements and supplements your page’s theme

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