QUAD Derby organizes an exclusive film festival every year. They find extravagant castles and create unique outdoor experiences where people can watch their favorite movies under the stars!

Every year we achieve greatness with QUAD Derby. A company who over the past 5 years has continuously come back to us to rethink their web needs. Their visitors are everyone, you, me, us; whoever wants to watch movies in lavish castles across the English countryside!

That’s why this website needed more attention to visitor trends. We’ve had 4 great years to capture data and analyse what they do, and the end result this year was a complete success.

The Solution

A super sexy, quick, responsive development which gets visitors to where they need to be… quick!

With endless movies and venues, quickness was the key. We’ve engineered the search engine to be lightning fast and super-responsive on mobile, as well as high quality trailers and super easy social sharing.

This development was received with an overwhelming great response.


Responsive Website Development


QUAD Derby

The larger the better!

Large images were used throughout the website to capture each of the castle’s unique features across the English countryside.

Lightening quick search results

In an age where quickness is key, the search results to find venues or events had to be super-quick, especially for mobile devices. This search engine has zero waiting time.